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Where all your love-related questions will be answered. :)

This is an advice column that is a sister site of fuckyeahhlove. This is a free-for-all advice column, where I will not answer your questions, but anyone who follows will! So not only will you get an answer, you will have many opinions to help you decide on what to do.

Before asking a question here, you should know that a free-for-all advice column means that ANYONE can answer your question. We all know that people on the internet are not always friendly, and so you should be prepared to get nasty messages as I can't control what others will say. Also, you shouldn't feel obligated to take every answer to heart, as these are all normal people with different experiences that are trying to give you advice.

That being said, feel free to Ask a Question or Visit Fuck Yeah Love!

Smile. You are beautiful.
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